Friday, December 17, 2004

The Weekly Read-Out

Each week we'll attempt to shine a little light on some worthy clips and columns that merit your attention. Drop us a line if you stumble upon something that merits inclusion.

1) The newspaper and circulation staff at the Youngstown Vindicator have gone on strike to get a modest boost in their rather humble wages. The paper has brought in scabs from other cities, no small feat in the staunchly pro-union, blue-collar town. Joe P. Tone reports on why the replacements are keeping a decidedly low profile.

2) LA Times reporter Martha Groves journeys to China to visit the orphanage where her 11-year-old adopted daughter spent her first months. Free of sentiment, full of emotion.,0,1529242.story?coll=la-home-headlines

3) Stop the insanity! With her typical take-no-prisoners style, Linda Stasi on how the FCC morality police have totally run amok.

4) The Miami Herald takes an interesting double-barreled approach to answering computer questions. For the elite members of the geek squad, Peggy Rogers speaks their language without sounding like she walks around with a pocket protector.
For the rest of us, Tim Henderson's column calmly and concisely answers what Rogers's readers would regard as stupid questions.
(Full disclosure: Tim's an old friend from back in the day when we both toiled in the salt mines at Gannett).

5) Since the NHL is shut down by the owners' lockout, Matt Manley at the Long Island Press decided that doesn't mean the New York Islanders can't play, on his PlayStation II that is. It really is better than nothing.

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