Thursday, January 13, 2005

Harry The Nazi and Other Royal Clangers

Prince Harry may have seen The Producers one too many times in deciding that a Nazi desert uniform would be a swell thing to wear to a costume party.
Ah, the tabloids live for moments like this. Just when Becks and Posh are laying low and Tony Blair isn't bobbing and weaving over Iraq, the royals manage to save the day. "Harry The Nazi" blared The Sun, which had an exclusive picture of the shirt. Its sister Murdoch paper, the newly tabbed Times was content to run a photo of someone reading The Sun, while running a poll asking readers whether Harry stepped over the line or if it was just a case of princes being princes, something Britons have gotten used to with this bunch.,,2-1438439,00.html.
The Mirror has Harry uttering a brief but brilliant understatement: "It was a poor choice."
The Times quotes the head of the Reform rabbis in Great Britain saying the apology should be accepted, but The Guardian instead led with calls from The Simon Wiesenthal Center for Harry to visit Auschwitz the next time he's on holiday.,2763,1389624,00.html.
All this comes at a time when his grandmother is set to commemorate later this month the Holocaust and 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by having a reception at St. James's Palace for survivors of the Nazi death camps and British soldiers who freed them.
That should be enough to keep her in the news, but she caught a case of the foot-in-mouth disease that runs rampant in her family. She doesn't chat much with her lowly subjects, but when the old girl does strike up a conversation, she makes sure it's a doozy.
Many in the UK are not amused she predicted Paris would get the 2012 Summer Olympics and declared (decreed?) that most Londoners don't want the Games.,,2-2005020524,00.html. No doubt, Olympic organizers in London, which last had the Olympics in 1948, would like to crown the Queen right about now.

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