Friday, January 14, 2005

The Weekly Read-Out--Mudslides, Wayward Goats, Dumb Caddies and Hopeless Hockey

Location, location, location. If you looked at the pictures from the La Conchita mudslide and wondered if some of those deaths could have been avoided, you're probably right. But not for the reasons you may think.,0,783095.story?coll=la-home-headlines.

Of course, a good deal is not the only reason people will take a chance on where to plant themselves. LA Times columnist Steve Lopez found that includes people who ought to know better.,0,1721179.column?coll=la-home-utilities.

Train driver suffers from PTGS, that's Post-Traumatic Goat Syndrome to you and me, after he hits a billy who wound up on the business side of an express.,,2-2005020261,00.html

OK, let's try and figure this one out. You're the caddie for Vijay Singh, the top golfer on the planet. Which means you get to travel the world making a seven-figure sum for basically holding his clubs and whispering sweet nothings about nine-irons. And yet you didn't enjoy your work and had to get away from the fairway rate race?,10069,1388353,00.html

News Flash! No hockey in Buffalo. Life goes on! And despite the fact the Sabres announced a cut in ticket prices before the lockout and locals sports-starved after the Bills closed up shop for the season, not many are pining for pucks. Which could bode ill for the NHL across the land if they ever play again.

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