Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Naked Truth From Jose Canseco

Looked like Jose Canseco was doing a full-frontal confessional on "60 Minutes" tonight. In the intro to the piece, there was a picture of the well-chiseled HGH poster boy behind Mike Wallace sans modesty and clothes.
The photo gave every indication Canseco was letting it all hang out, but it appeared someone at CBS didn't do that good a job of cropping out Jose's, um, midsection. Hence, we were treated to either a poorly placed shadow or a smattering of Jose's pubes.
CBS may have a graphic design malfunction on its hands.
As for the report itself, Canseco spent a lot of time explaining how he and several baseball superstars were "butt buddies" with him, taking turns injecting each other with steroids and human growth hormone. Whatever happened to just going out for a beer after the game?
It's interesting to note that Mike Wallace told The New York Times on Saturday: "I believe some of what he said, and some I find a little far-fetched."
However, not so far-fetched to prevent Canseco from being on another segment on "60 Minutes Wednesday."

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