Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Passing Of A Broadcasting "Giant"

Lesley Stahl rightly calls George Herman a "giant" of broadcast journalism. His 43-year career at CBS News spanned the radio newsroom to the far reaches of Asia to the moderator chair at "Face The Nation."
To those who appreciate the history of broadcast journalism and the authority and grace of a seasoned correspondent at the top of his game, there was no one better.
CBSNews.com provides an adequate obit of Herman, once you find it in the entertainment section after a story about the Robert Blake trial. Suffice to say, he deserved a better send-off from the network he served so well.
One crucial aspect of Herman's career -- its unceremonious end -- is conveniently left out of the CBS obit, and is left to The New York Times to recount. Herman was laid off in 1986, but offered a chance to resign. The long-time union supporter's reply: "Put me down as one of the fired."

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