Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Weekly Read Out--A Tarnished Sea Biscuit, a Bitchy Bachelorette and The Airlines' Airlies

Far be it for New York Daily News columnist Vic Ziegel to tarnish the legend that is Sea Biscuit. But his greatest triumph may not have been all that it appeared to be.
New York Times TV critic Virginia Heffernan is at her best skewering the worst offenders in TV Land. Which means she has a lot of material to work with. She generously dipped into her supply of venom to slap around The Bachelorette.
Joe Brancatelli is one of the most wise and wizened scribes when it comes to business travels and the many follies perpetrated on us by the airlines. Always an entertaining and informative read, Brancatelli turns away from the airport and back to the newsrooms where he finds a dreadful shortage of reporters holding the airlines accountable for their many misdeeds. The truth squad is either on holiday or stuck on an airport security line.
In his latest column, he takes on the media for falling woefully short

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