Friday, April 01, 2005

Can't Anybody Here Write About This Game? The Wall Street Journal's Baseball Illiteracy

More often than not, the Wall Street Journal does an eminenty decent job covering sports, even when it looks overly priggish when it uses courtesy titles with such items ("Mr. Matsui, nicknamed Godzilla....."), something even The NY Times dispenses with.
Still, somebody was asleep at the copy desk, or just plain clueless, while looking over Stephen Barbara's piece about the possible resurgence of my beloved Mets on the back of yesterday's Personal Journal section.
"More colorful advertising is on its way, with Ray Romano reportedly in talks to do a radio spot."
Actually, Steve, it was beyond the talking stage as of March 25, and you can hear the ad whenever you want on
"I asked Dave Howard of the Mets marketing team if the Mets ownership will continue to buy expensive players..."
Technically correct, although it makes it seem like he's something less than what he is, which is Executive Vice President of Business Operations. If anything, Howard is the head of the Mets marketing team.
"[T]he Mets have hired Willie Randolph as their coach...."
Wrong-O, Steve-O. Sure, Willie was relegated for far too long as a coach while with the Yankees. But he's the manager now, Mr. Randolph to you.

The coach-manager thing is something Steve Hartman screwed up on "60 Minutes Wednesday" during his otherwise-fun piece on why the Detroit Tigers don't deserve his loyalty anymore. He called the team's manager Alan Trammell "coach" and nobody caught it in the editing room?
It was the only blip during a show that made a strong case for why "60W" should live long and prosper and not be sitting in Moonves Purgatory. The Anderson Cooper segment on football players and steroids rightly drew national headlines, and Dan Rather deftly engaged in some friendly sparring with Jack Welch, although the former GE chieftain had to clam up when asked about his ex-wife. A slip of the tongue there would not have accrued to his bottom line.

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