Monday, April 11, 2005

No Call Waiting: Cell Phones Better Than Sex

A study by BBDO Worldwide finds an alarming number of people will stop in the middle of a sex act to answer their mobile phone.
Which may say a lot about their partners. Or, it may speak volumes about how cellphones are the new heroin. Verizon, Sprint and Cingular have us right where they want us.
Sex? Been there, climaxed that. But that new ringtone from Chingy's latest single? Now you're talking, baby. And it'll respect you in the morning to boot.

As Alice Cuneo notes in Advertising Age: The findings arrive as the wireless industry is aggressively ramping up its effort to promote the cell phone as a content- and advertising-delivering device to potentially rival that of TV or the Internet. Cynics, however, question whether most consumers will want to watch programming and ads on a screen hardly larger than the face of a wristwatch. Wireless content evangelists rebut that the emotional connection between individual consumers and their cell phones is an extraordinary one.

An emotional connection you scoff? See what happens next time you're in bed and it's the Motorola that's doing the vibrating.

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