Thursday, April 07, 2005

Popepourri--All Sorts Of Spin And Sidebars From The Vatican

Here's a lead you likely won't see in any American newspaper, but a winner all the same. From The Australian:

In death, Pope John Paul II has achieved what he failed to in life - bringing the commander in chief of the world's superpower to his knees.

George W. Bush made history yesterday as the first American president to attend a papal funeral, kneeling in silent prayer before the Catholic leader who opposed US intervention in Iraq.

Over in the UK, The Daily Mirror, which usually never resists an attempt to bash Bush, instead had a dispatch from reporter Alexandra Williams, who stood on line for the Pope walk-by.

The look on John Paul II's face was pained. I could not help thinking that his final hours might not have been quite as serene as we have been told.

Peter Popham in The Independent noted that Bush may be seated close to Iran's president Khatami tomorrow at the funeral, putting Dubya remarkably close to one of his "evildoers."

And lest we forget, the Pope is nothing if not big bucks, at least for the landlords and others fleecing the media for prime Vatican views.

A television producer for a European company said that several years ago the owners of a prime building asked him to pay $200,000 for the peak coverage period.,1,853641.story?coll=chi-homepagenews-utl

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