Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Outrageous Radio Funny Man or Garden Variety Douchebag?


As the sports guy on Imus In The Morning, Sid Rosenberg knows he's paid to be outrageous. He called George Steinbrenner a "fat pussy" and Venus Williams an "animal," remarks that got him fired and then rehired (For a full version of that witless exchange, go to
OK, so he's a stooge for Imus, which means he's supposed to be edgy and out for blood. Of course, that could be accomplished with some semblance of taste. But then again, we're talking about Sid Rosenberg.
In riffing on Kylie Minogue's announcement that she had breast cancer, he proclaimed: "She won't be so pretty when she's bald with one titty!"
[Cue laugh track].
Yes, it's a free country. No, you don't have to listen. And as one poster on the New York Radio Message Board cogently observed, Rosenberg should be pitied not pilloried, in part for being a heartless prick, for thinking that somebody would find this funny, and for being devoid of empathy. Laugh to keep from crying? You need material to laugh at first.
Rosenberg returned to the airwaves last month after spending a month in rehab trying to clean up problems with crack addiction, booze and gambling. Looks like he got out too soon.


Anonymous said...

I was listening to IMUS when Sid made the remarks about the actress with breast cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, I was disgusted with his response. I am glad IMUS no longer has Sid on the show. Sid needs to grow up.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Sid said something so stupid. I know what he has (is) going through with his addictions and he has been lucky people have not ridiculed or blackballed him-yet.

Diseases are no laughing matter. I find a lot of his goofy comments funny. This was not one of them.