Wednesday, August 24, 2005

NY Post Suffers A Case of Gotti Amnesia

Not That Being Selective With The Facts Ever Bothered Ol' Rupe
The Daily News and Post dispense of tons of ink annually belittling and berating each other, especially when one of them may have made a mistake. Usually, the Post stores all its venom on Page Six, arguably the paper's most-read feature.
The latest contretemps involve Victoria Gotti, who the News reported on Sunday in an exclusive interview with gossip columnist Joanna Molloy was battling breast cancer.
Not so fast. As Page Six gleefully reported, Gotti was bobbing and weaving with the "real story" on Monday, saying she only had precancerous cells that she chose to have aggressively treated. A little different from a malignant tumor, eh?
Molloy uncharacteristically spoke to her bitter rivals about Gotti's new tune, conveniently timed for the third season of "Growing Up Gotti."
"Don't tell me Victoria is shape-shifting the truth again. She told us in January she had breast cancer, and that's the reason she took a leave of absence from Star magazine. She told us again last week, and we recorded it."
While Page Six drove a Hummer through Gotti's credibility gap, it, not suprisingly, left out one crucial fact about Gotti that leaves the paper bloodied by association: She used to work for the Post as a columnist.

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