Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sid Rosenberg Gets Yet Another Chance To Get A Clue

Foul-Mouthed Sports Guy Tries To Put His Addictions On Hold For Shot At Redemption In Miami
A litle late, but..... Sid Rosenberg has resurfaced in Miami, after basically leaving his career and what was left of his reputation, in the Dumpster in New York.\
The Sidster's doing weekends and fill-ins on the number-two sports station in Miami, 790 The Ticket. Better than nothing, but nothing was all he had after he got dumped first from Imus In The Morning for thinking that Kylie Minogue's breast cancer was worthy of a comedy routine, then from co-hosting a midday talk show for not showing up for his stint on the New York Giants pregame show.
Rosenberg, a recovering alcoholic, drug abuser and gambling addict, hasn't said which, if any, of his demons came back to help show him the door at WFAN.
Not to worry, The Ticket knows what it's getting. As program director Alan Brown told the Miami Herald: "We're being very cautious in how we move forward."
That's evidenced by the fact that Rosenberg was originally skedded for a regular weeknight gig. Not so fast, Sid, who was apparently told by his new bosses that one strike and he's out. You can hear for yourself whether he goes down swinging.


Anonymous said...

SIDNEY ROSENBURG is a very talented radio host, but his ego doesn't let him remember that he is not nationally syndicated, or in N.Y. anymore. He is the best at getting strippers and hookers, smoking crack, cheating, making stories up as they go, has a childlike attitude w/ an i'm right you're wrong approch. will desperatley and scumily drool and hit on any girl that moves. and talks so much crap out of his mouth, his breathe smells worse than Staten Island. He's been alright so far but as a stereotypical New Yorker he will do or say something stupid to let his true 2 faced N.Y. colors show.

It is a shame that the people of South Florida have to Constantly be Bombarded With the N.Y. Losers like sid rosenberg. It is also a shame that we have Pathetic ex Crack smokin, Cable Stealin, loser New Yorkers who don't think about the things they say or do. And only like to talkover everybody to hear themselves talk with their narrow minded ny way of life. but the losers like Sid keep forgetting that they are not in ny anymore. And it is a shame and a joke that these same people are representing South florida, but at the same time degrade everything and everyone in S. FLA. that is not NY related.

P.S. everytime you complain about the long lines, lousy fans, crappy people in FLA., scam artists, Dirtbags, freeloaders and howard stern wannabees. you are complaing about your fellow lousy NY's.

as a true s. floridian please take all of the scum back to ny please. Starting With The Brown nosed, two faced, closet jets fan Sid Rosenberg!!!

Jeff Deforest and Boog Schiambe of (790 the ticket) on the other hand are 2 proffesional S. Florida Icons from N.Y. that i don't mind having as representatives of S. Fla. At least these 2 can remeber where they are at and don't act like pathetic little 10 year olds everytime somebody has a different opinion or say that they are wrong. They also do not spit out New Yorkerisms, or say that ny is better on a daily basis. They also don't spit out "spit" everytime they say a word with the letter "T" in it. If i were President of the Miami Dolphins, Heat and Marlins i would ban sid rosenberg from everything having to do with them as he is the ultimate two faced bandwagon jumper. If things are bad he has no right to talk about our teams and community like he does. but when they are good he'll jump on the band wagon and say he was there the whole time. what a 2 faced peice of N.Y. crap

And having Sid Rosenberg on the flagship station of the Dolphins is a bigger joke than the Florida elections. This guy reminds me of a closet jets fan, locked in the closet smoking CRACK, wishing that Girls like Vida Guerra would like him if he didn't have money, radio show, and cocaine.

I wrote this to voice my opinions on ny's in fla. i don't think of all ny's like this i respect the honest, normal, hardworking people anywhere, my stereotype is just against the ny's like sid. unfortuanetley there are more ny's down here like sid than normal ones. the ones that don't act like they are gods' gift to everything, the ones who don't know it all, the ones you can talk to normally, the ones who don't like to hear their stupid selves talk. the ones who don't make a big scene if they don't get something for free or discounted. bottomline the ones that treat you like a normal person and not a stepping stone. who won't talk crap about the people or area they live in.

Unfortunatly Sid Rosenberg is not one of these normal people and always is and always will be an annoyiong, abnoxious, burdening, narrow minded, crack smoking, alcoholic NY'r


Tj Cruise said...

Well I have to agree with you on al your points about Sid. I listen to WFAN for many years and being fron NJ I had all I can stand of him and his righteousness.
At the same time your indirect generalization of NY'ers is right on! No allowances to be made. Respecting the hard working ones is acceptable but in any case thay are all a bunch of opinionated,sefl absorbed morons. They should stay the hell in NY and stop littering the rest of country with their narrow miodedness. Same goes for New Jersians. I exclude myself from this catagory because I am only here for family obligations. As far as I am concerned,the best way to see NY and NJ is in my rearview effin mirror.

New Yorker in Florida said...

I am a Floridian who is a former New Yorker and I have a problem with both of your idiotic comments about New Yorkers who now live in South Florida. Yes there are people who are rude, long lines, traffic, but don't blame the New Yorkers. There are plenty of other groups that you can blame this on. The problem really is that New Yorkers don't take any shit, myself included so get used to it. Go to any big city and you will hear the same complaints, even in area's New Yorkers haven't been flocking to. I think you guys are just jealous and envious because us New Yorkers come down here and get the higher paying jobs the nicer houses and fancier cars. We also are way better looking than half the original trailer trash floridians that are still living here by a thread and that will change with the next hurricane. By the way, I have met Sid in person and he was gracious and down to earth and not anything like the two of you jerkoffs say. One thing he is not and none of us New Yorker's are is two faced and phony. He says what's on his mind regardless of what people think and doesn't let people push him around and I think that is a mark of a True New Yorker! I know that is the way I am and I will never change, so get used to Florida being the sixth borough of New York! If you don't like it, move to Texas with all of the other rednecks and don't let the door hit you on the way out!

ron said...

hey 'anonymous', you need to relax! AND learn how to spell.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, why don't the people doing all these posts and criticisms get radio jobs? Seriously, if you can do better, march your butt down to the station, aduition, and do a show. It's easy!

ILuvSports said...

I have tried and tried to give this guy (sid) a chance (i'm not even from s.florida..just moved here not too long ago and I enjoy sports talk in the mornings) but this guy is constantly complaining (childlike tantrums)on his show about people from sflorida, dolphins, "the guys across the street" which I guess is the rival station, what he wants to talk's just rediculous.

I'm done listening to that guy period,and I'm still wondering HOW this guy even got a show period. The guy before was ok I enjoyed his show, but this guy just came in with an attitude for some reason and could care less about the actual listeners..etc.

To top it all off, he claims to know so much about sports, but he isn't very knowledgeable IMO. He's not even up to speed on CURRENT overall sports. He only knows NY giants, mets,howard stern..etc.

Anyway I looked this guy up and saw this post along with other information about his past. Pretty much explains everything so no need to even waste time listening to that guy anymore. 790 lost a lot of props putting him on in the morning, but they are lucky the line up after this clown is strong.

....I guess like track you put the slowest leg first and stronger runners later to bring it home. Sid is HORRIBLE.

alau53 said...

i am happy that sid is spewing his venom far from the ny airwaves..i just found him on the internet and things havent changed much..i read that his bosses gave him one strike and your out..however i bet there have been many foul tips since he has been on the air in s. florida for 2/3 yrs..when in the car i suggest you get sirius satellite radio..many great stations...bababouie to you all

Bob Mantz said...

Sid Rosenberg will be back in NY soon.