Sunday, December 25, 2005

Santa Faster Than The Speed Of Light



Now this is what any lover of radio would call good news.

ABC Does The Math To Show Us Just How He Made It To All Those Houses By This Morning

Robert Krulwich is always a pleasure to watch on ABC News, just as he was appointment listening during his stretch on NPR, given his innate ability to break down complex subjects to their barest essentials without talking down to the audience.
Many are the journalists who can watch him dumbstruck and wonder "How was he able to do that" and simultaneously thank him for providing them with a nut paragraph they can steal when they have to write a similar story.
And he's well known for planting a tongue firmly in cheek when the occasion dictates. Which happened on the Xmas Edition of "World News Tonight," as he tried to show, with the help of a physics teacher, what Santa was up against in order to make his appointed rounds in time.

So let's say each child gets one toy, two pounds, multiply that by 330 million children and that's 660 million pounds of toys. And that doesn't include Santa, who — on close inspection — is not thin. So that means somebody has got to haul a sleigh that weighs the equivalent of four times the tonnage of the QEII.

And don't forget the 220,000 reindeer.

If you don't subscribe to ABC News On Demand, you can read this version of his report here:

....and to all a good World News Tonight.

P.S. Props to David Muir for being liberated from the dawn patrol at ABC so he could anchor tonight's broadcast.

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