Tuesday, January 10, 2006

N.Y. Times Finally Gets On The Board With Rosenbaum Murder Probe


A day late, but.....
What's particularly interesting in the story by Michael Janofsky is how it notes what the Washington Post and Cokie Roberts on NPR had to say about former Washington bureau stalwart David Rosenbaum's murder.
Nice to know, but it still begs the question of why it was left to the Post and others to eulogize Rosenbaum. Why is it so hard for the Times to say thank you and farewell?
A story on A-19 just doesn't cut it.
The Post's Glenn Kessler gets it right in today's paper. And that, for better or worse, is where you can read how Times colleagues and others felt about Rosenbaum. His employer of 37 years remains at a loss for words.


Thanks to Rachel Sklar at Media Bistro for unearthing what was Rosenbaum's first story at the Times in 1968, which, auspiciously, was on the front page the day after Nixon was elected.

She also provides links to 2,700 Rosenbaum articles. Quite a legacy.

And the tributes from other colleagues continue to arrive, this one from former colleague David Shribman, now executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

David was my most loyal critic and booster, and he knew that he could not be the one without being the other, too. But I know I am not alone. He performed these roles - and for him they were the role of a lifetime, for he was the role model of a lifetime - for so many others.


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