Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Orville Redenbacher Back From The Dead

Posthumous Popcorn Push
Is it just me, or are you a little weirded out from the 30-year-old spots that have been running recently with Orville Redenbacher shilling the popcorn that bears his name.
After all, Orville went to the big kettle in the sky in 1995 at age 88 when he had a heart attack and drowned in his bathtub, which was probably one of the few places where he didn't wear his trademark bowtie.
That bowtie and the straight talk from the man from Valparaiso, Indiana, helped propel the brand to be one of the top popcorn sellers. Which may be the reason ConAgra is trotting this spot out again.
Few had as much passion for popcorn as Orville did, and few since, apparently. I guess you go with the guy who brung ya. So what if he's dead. That doesn't mean he still can't talk to us, and inspire us to go buy more popcorn to boot.
See for yourself.

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