Tuesday, January 03, 2006

S.O.S. -- Save Our Show -- Arrested Development Waits For A Sugar Daddy (or Showtime) To Keep It Alive

Trying To Avoid Feeling Blue About the Bluths
Last night's episode of "Arrested Development" was hysterical for its myriad of guest stars to help poke fun at the network that basks in the praise and awards the show has received, yet consistently did nothing to help it nurture an audience; its fans who have gone to near-desperate lengths to keep it on the air; and the various outrages, mediocrities and banality that pretty much dooms a show so daring and hilarious as A.D. from ever truly succeeding.
Next week will likely be the end of the road for A.D. on Fox. Will it then be show time on Showtime (pretty please)? Reports that ABC is also interested sound like a non-starter on a good day.
Somehow, I don't see George Bluth and company thriving on the same network as George Lopez.
And remember, you won't be able to see A.D. on "Brilliant But Canceled." Trio signed off on Dec. 31.
The show has gotten away with as much as it has because Fox has treated it as a problem child and chose to ignore it if not its Nielsens. It won't have that luxury at family-friendly ABC.
Showtime doesn't need big ratings. But it does need buzz. If nurtured, and if you give the audience a chance to see the episodes from the beginning (it really is hard to keep up otherwise), A.D. could deliver.
For now, keep tabs on www.savethebluths.org, which isn't really up and running, but was plugged on last night's episode. You can also vent your spleen at the A.D. message board at fox.com.
To the A.D. cast and crew: Good luck, and GOBspeed.

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Nancy said...

I've written, I'm telling everyone I know to watch it. Best show on TV.