Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Torino Pub Alert: Olympic Media Gets Heads-Up From Johnny Weir's Mom

The media has been lapping up whatever quotes U.S. skater Johnny Weir throws at them, as he sashays his way to the Olympic skating finals. Weir has called himself "princessy" -- so reporters don't have to otherwise write in code -- and said after he won the U.S. nationals that his mother was "probably getting drunk right now."
However, Mom isn't chastened by the boy she said was teased a lot, and had hockey pucks shot at him while he practiced at the local ice rink. Patti Weir admits to a wild streak in her salad days. Like Mom, like fabulous son.
"And yes, I'm going to have a drink when this is all over. I just want the press to know that right now."
Duly noted.
Suffice to say, after two-plus weeks of the Olympics, there'll be more than a few members of the Fourth Estate bellying up to the bar in an attempt to one-up Patti.

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