Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shon Gone

Gables Goes From WCBS-TV To Points Unknown
Shon Gables is officially history at WCBS-TV/2, according to the New York Post.
That's what's called not-unexpected news in the news business, given that she was among the parade of anchors shuffled off the morning newscasts. So, while a station flack said Gables was offered other slots to remain an anchor, she chose to bolt instead.
Presumably, another anchor slot meant working weekends (Mary Calvi had moved to noon and 5 p.m.), which might not have seemed so appetizing, after being a major domo during the week albeit on a bottom-rated show.
Of course, doing weekends on Channel 2 has been akin, as of late, to having one foot out the door. Michael Pomeranz, after getting moved from mornings to weekends, ankled for a weeknight gig in the Twin Cities.
Then there's Todd McDermott, who did weekday shows before being exiled to the weekends. He left in 2004 and can now be seen on WUSA in Washington, with former Channel 2 sports anchor Brett Haber.


Anonymous said...

Where are Shon Gables, Jim Ryan and Mario Bosquez?

Anonymous said...

Have the former cbs morning news anchors appeared anywhere yet and where did Vanessa Alfano (traffic reporter) go?