Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Anniversary, You're Fired

Nothing Magical for DJ Celebrating 20th Anniversary at Miami's Majic 102.7
Eric Brandon would have preferred a cake. Instead, he got a pink slip on his 20th anniversary at Majic 102.7, the oldies station in South Florida, where he did middays.
However, working 20 years in one place means you get paid a certain amount, which was apparently too much for the station. So, Brandon gets his walking papers, which is not a position that a 50-year-old DJ who worked most of his career in the same market wants to be in.
But that's radio biz, which in the era of mega-corporate owners, voice tracking and ever-changing formats is a cruel place to be.
Give Brandon credit for leaving on a high note, although he'd certainly be forgiven if that was not the case: "My sons were both raised on the radio and are now young men. It was a great experience and I'd do it all over again.''
Let's hope, though, that the kids don't follow Dad into the family business.


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

during my holidays in FL last year, we listened to Majic nearly the whole day. I loved that station very much, so I decided afterwards, already returned back to my home town in Germany, to listen regularly to 102.7.

Today I put on my webradio and missed "Chef E.B.". After googleing shortly, I found this article which makes me really really sad. What a good, humorous guy, always in a good mood with great shows! And exactly THESE guys have to go now, these guys who aren't like anybody else, not as boring as most of the others.

I can hardly believe that. I'm also really sad that I missed his last show as well as his last dishes.

Finally for all E.B. fans we only can hope that he will get a new chance.

Depressed Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

I agrre - I grew up listening to EB - that guy was on the radio at Majic 7 days a week, and just like that - gone. There were several other people much less talented then EB that theyh could have let go - but instead they let go their best DJ - that just blows! I now boycott Majic and listen to BIG 105.9. Lady from Germany,I suggest you do the same.

Anonymous said...

Hello again!

Nice to notice that my opinion is not alone. But anyway thanks for the lady. Sorry, but that were the 50% which have lost. ;-) The guy (!) from Germany is still sad and as I wrote to the program director: Majic isn't the same as it was before!

Has anyone an idea what EB does next?

Greetings from Bavaria, now only two weeks to the soccer championship....