Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Adam Pascal and Darlene Love Don't Get Any Facetime Amid Fireworks

Meanwhile, the GOP plays it safe at Ford's Theatre
If you watched last night's NBC telecast of the Macy's fireworks, it was a pyrotechnicapalooza, to be sure.
But lost amid the boom-booms was the fact that for the VIPs and the folks watching at home, there was a live orchestra and singers, including Syosset's own Adam Pascal and that ever-shimmering Crystal, Darlene Love.
At various times, they cut to an insert of the orchestra playing at Waterside Plaza, so you could see it was live, not Memorex. And we also had to watch too many shots of people watching fireworks.
Yet, at no point did we see Pascal or Love sing. No doubt, they would have appreciated a little face time with America. Instead, we got what amounted to a voice over from them. Their agents might need a good talking-to right about now.
And was the sound a little bit out of whack with the photos, or was Liza Minnelli lip-syncing "New York, New York" for the broadcast's finale?
Later on, ABC aired the previously taped "An American Celebration at Ford'sTheatre," with the Dubyas front and center guffawing and clapping with the rest of the tuxedoed crowd. Did anyone happen to notice any known Democrats during the audience cutaway shots? And was it just me, or is GOP-gun lover Tom Selleck, last night's emcee, looking more butch than ever? Just asking.

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