Monday, August 07, 2006

Air America Springs More Leaks In The Corporate Suite

A Good Idea In More Danger Than Ever Of Becoming Irrelevant (Or Extinct)
Another exit from the upper ranks of progressive talk network Air America, this time COO Carl Ginsburg, who judging by recent events may have had his job relegated to arranging the sheet music for the radio equivalent of the dance band on the Titanic.
Recently, the network announced its shifting its New York flagship signal from the spotty signal of WLIB to even-weaker WWRL, which has rarely made an appearance in the Arbitron books since its heyday as a soul station 25 years ago.
Nice move.
Do you listen to AAR? Do you want to, but can't pull in a signal? That many people answer no and yes, respectively, to those questions is something Al Franken need to address, and in a hurry.

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