Wednesday, August 16, 2006

EW's Box-Office Crystal Ball On The Fritz

Pointless Prognostications A Waste Of Time And Space
Entertainment Weekly normally puts out a more-than-workmanlike product, providing both an insider's edge, along with enough bark and bite when the subject warrants, which is often.
For those of us who by sheer dint of the media covering them so thoroughly, have become absorbed by box-office grosses, EW runs the numbers and then some.
But what is the point of predicting what a movie will rake in before it actually happens? Why can't we just wait for Sunday to find out who scored big with the popcorn set? All of this supposed psychic ability to see into the hearts and minds of moviegoers can turn into sloppy journalism.
To wit, EW.Com's number cruncher Joshua Rich, who predicted that "World ade Center" would be tops at the box office over the weekend, with $25 million in tickets sold. It actually came in third with $18.7 million.
"Talladega Nights" was number-one for the second week in a row with $22.1 million, which Rich said would come in second with $24 million. The real runner-up was the surprising "Step Up," which grossed $20.7 million. Rich slotted it number four with $11 mil.
Detecting a pattern here?
Maybe Rich should put his crystal ball back in the closet, and be bothered to take time out from his busy schedule on Sunday to analyze the real numbers and actually give readers something worth reading.

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