Friday, September 01, 2006

Dan Rather Sacked By Football: CBS Bids Anchor Away With Retrospective, But Not In New York

After seeing Bob Schieffer's farewell [along with Sean McManus' painfully awkward attempts to give his outgoing anchor a hug], we were getting ready to fire up the TiVo to watch CBS' promised retrospective on Dan Rather's 44 years at the network.
You'll have to tell me how it was.
In New York, CBS is preempting the special for a meaningless preseason NFL game, according to the Channel Island blog at No alternate air date's been scheduled.
In Los Angeles, Dan is also dissed, but he's at least dumped over to CBS' other station, KCAL. No such luxury in the Big Apple.
By the way, if you're looking for a little sauce to ladle on the usual TV news piffle, Channel Island is most worthy of your time. Props to the blog for taking to task the media sycophants who lap up what the network flacks offer up, in the interests of "access."

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