Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In Praise Of "The Voice" --- More Tributes To Christopher Glenn

Many people who work at CBS News Radio tend to stay a good long while (though I managed all of 7 1/2 years), which is why so many there acutely feel the loss of Christopher Glenn.
Many of them arrived early in their careers to listen and learn from a man who long ago was already cementing his legend.
My friends Steve Kathan and Paul Farry have tributes to Chris today at Steve is filling in this week as the anchor of the "World News Roundup," the signature radio broadcast at CBS, which Chris anchored at the time of his retirement in February, and which Paul produces.
It's a show that often leaves its competition in the dust come radio awards time. Just two days ago, Paul picked up an Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio-Television News Directors Association on behalf of the show, whose authority and legacy will be forever burnished by the booming bass of a voice that was Chris' calling card.
Also weighing in with his usual eloquence is my buddy Greg Kandra, a writer for Katie Couric, who also spent time in the radio newsroom working with Chris.
"He had a voice that mingled cognac and cigarette smoke -- he was an inveterate, ceaseless smoker -- and both Chris and that famous voice seemed ageless."

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