Monday, October 30, 2006

Maine TV GM Decrees Global Warming Doesn't Exist

Michael Palmer Turns A Deaf Ear To An Inconvenient Truth
Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise that in Maine, a state with two seasons -- July and winter -- you'd find a skeptic or two when it came to global warming.
Still, it's troubling when that skepticism turns to intolerance, especially when it comes from the general manager of two TV stations, as The New York Times reports.
Michael Palmer, who runs the ABC and Fox affiliates in Bangor, decreed that no global-warming stories will heat up the airwaves he oversees, likening hype over global warming to scares over killer bees and Y2K.
As for all the incontrovertible evidence? Feh. Science, schmience. Don't need any of that hooey Down East. Guess until he can put out the garbage in February without pulling on a parka, we'll
have to hear about global warming from every other news outlet in Maine.
Thanks, Mike, for taking on the experts. Oh, and call your office. The Luddites would like you to fill out the membership application that's been sitting on your desk.

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