Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Testicle Mania! Comedy Central's Ballsy Approach To Broadband Programming

"Baxter & McGuire" Allows The Family Jewels To Shine
Comedy Central will unveil next month a show about two buddies. Did we mention that they're also testicles?
Uh, yeah. Not a misprint.
"Baxter & McGuire" is among the network's forays into original broadband programming. Suffice to say, it's one that's not ready for prime time, or even late-night fringe, for that matter, when Comedy Central sometimes goes uncut on weekends. Rare is the media buyer who'd have the balls to put his client on a show like this.
The two three-minute segments I watched are moderately amusing, even if they might hit a little close to home for some guys. To wit: one segment has our heroes turning blue during an episode of coitus interruptus. To the extent that can be funny, it is.

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