Friday, January 26, 2007

Will Storm Field Clear Up the Weather Picture at WCBS-TV

Now That He's Out In The Cold in the Dead of Winter, There's An Opening At Two of His Old Haunts
Ah, the tangled web that New York TV meteorologists weave. These guys and gals sure know how to move all over the dial, sometimes whether they like it or not.
The latest exhibit is Storm Field, he of the legendary weather pedigree, courtesy of Dr. Frank, but who has made his own mark in New York on channels 2 and 7, before a 10-year stint at WWOR-TV, channel 9. His tenure there came to an abrupt end on Wednesday. As is often the case, it didn't end well. But then again, TV general managers often have to check their souls at the door before they get their corner office.
The Daily News reports Storm's replacement is Audrey Puente, who was herself dumped by WCBS/Ch. 2, and replaced by John Elliott, late of MSNBC, who must have got a boatload of cash to sign onto the ratings trainwreck that is the station's morning news.
Still, Ch. 2 does have one weather slot open on the weekends, which is being filled by Jeff Berardelli and Liz (Ibby) Carothers for now. Might Storm brighten the skies on West 57th? Never know. Then again, Ch. 7 has an opening on weekend mornings.
A lot may depend on station economics, and whether they want to still pony up for a fourth meteorologist. Ch. 2 has shown it's not in the habit of rushing to fill openings. Also, Storm won't exactly be working for AFTRA minimum, though he might shave a few dollars off his asking price if nobody in the market comes calling before long.
Either way, Storm's ouster shows there is no sentiment in the TV news business when there is so much money to be made and lost. That the talking heads we watch often get the ax in the quest for another tenth of a ratings point, is an accepted if lamented fact, one that's a lot more predictable than the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Storm deserved it. You reap what you sow. His karma demanded the termination.