Monday, February 05, 2007

Jeff Zucker Has The Wright Stuff -- Finally

Leaks From Wags At NBC Universal Make It A Not-So-Super Sunday for Outgoing Peacock Chieftain

Not that it is a surprise that Jeff Zucker (left) will succeed Bob Wright (right, naturally) as the head of NBC Universal, but it's a bit of a pimp slap to Wright that he's being removed as CEO rather than bowing out gracefully, as he had planned to at the end of this year.
The Los Angeles Times confirmed Wright's ouster first on Sunday, outhustling Bill Carter at The New York Times, whose print version merely said a scheduled NBC board meeting tomorrow was "fueling speculation" about a regime change at 30 Rock. Carter matched the story online this morning.
Now Zucker gets to run the whole candy store rather than just the TV department. Wright gets to stay on, for now, as chairman of NBC Universal, while Zucker becomes CEO. But that sound you'll soon hear of one hand clapping will be emanating from Wright's office.
Look for him to be on a veranda swapping GE war stories with Jack Welch before long.

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