Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Catch My Disease on the 4 Train: Sharon Moalem Likes Himself Very Much. Pregnant Women? Not Very Much

"Survival Of The Sickest" Author Takes His Own Publicity Tour on the Subway

The wife and I caught last Thursday's "Daily Show," where the guest was Sharon Moalem, who has written "Survival of the Sickest," a book whose cover proclaims him as a "medical maverick" who's here to tell us "why we need disease."

Jon Stewart took the bait. We haven't taken that leap, at least not yet. But maybe we'll find the time to read his treatise about how lots of diseases have evolutionary virtues. Turns out some genetic traits that are harmful today actually helped ancestors survive and thrive. OK, then.

For the more scientifically inclined among us, the book has received its share of reviews and avid readers, not least among them, Moalem himself.

My wife spotted on Tuesday someone on the uptown Lexington Avenue express reading "Survival of the Sickest." She then realized it was Moalem caught up in his own book.

When the train reached 14th Street, Moalem grabbed a seat to continue his self-love reverie, beating out my six-months-pregnant wife, who was forced to hover nearby. Which means he has something in common with just about every other guy who rides the 4 and 5 trains.
Maybe Moalem's next book can be about chivalry. No time like the present to start his research.

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sharon said...

Your absolutely right! I was so caught up with the interview I was going to that I didn't notice your wife who deserved to sit. I hope you and your wife accept my sincerest apologies.