Friday, April 06, 2007

Dumb and Dumber: WFAN Gives Sid Rosenberg Another Bite of the Big Apple

UPDATE 4/8/07: For reasons not yet made clear, Sidney never made it onto the air Saturday. Instead, his scheduled 1-3:15 p.m. shift was filled by Evan Roberts, who was originally down just for 10-1 p.m. As speculated on the NY Radio Message Board, Rosenberg was on the air with Imus during the "nappy-headed ho" discussion of the Rutgers basketball team. Could be a case of guilt by association, or WFAN management regaining their memory.

Strike Three Has Long Come and Gone, but the "Sidiot" Is Still Not Out
Some eagle eyes at the New York Radio Message Board noticed a most-curious and troubling addition to sports radio WFAN's schedule tomorrow -- namely Sid Rosenberg mucking up the airwaves from 1-3:15 p.m.
Rosenberg, about whom much has been written about in this space, is currently in exile in Miami, hosting a midday show on the number-two sports station there. At least he was able to find some kind of gig after imploding multiple times during his tenure on WFAN as a talk-show host and the sports guy on "Imus in the Morning."
Rosenberg lost the latter gig after he made a crack about what singer Kylie Minogue would look like after breast cancer, the end of the line of insults, jokes and one-liners that had inexplicably made him an Imus favorite.
Then Rosenberg, a recovering drug and gambling addict, not to mention alcoholic, got himself canned from his sports-talk gig on the FAN after he failed to show up for duties on a New York Giants pre-game show.
Finally, the last straw, but not the last of Sid.
Rosenberg has somehow managed to persevere, not to mention keep working. He's even been heard on Imus recently. And now the Saturday gig on the FAN. You would think enough would be enough. But WFAN is apparently run by gluttons for punishment. Or those who enjoy car wrecks.
Maybe they're hoping Rosenberg will crash again. It may not be pretty, but it could make for great radio. And isn't that all that matters, no matter who gets hurt in the process?

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