Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Nappy-Headed Hos" Claim Another Victim On the Radio

Deejay in the Poconos Finds It's Not The Phrase That Pays Now That He's On The Unemployment Line
While Don Imus waits to find out whether CBS Radio will take him back after his two-week suspension now that MSNBC has pulled the plug on his simulcast, it's time to separate the wheat from the racist chaff elsewhere in radio land.
Today's silenced morning yakker is one Gary Smith of WSBG in Stroudsburg, PA. The Pocono Record reported Smith used "I'm a nappy-headed ho" as the "phrase that pays" on his show Tuesday morning.
Oops. Guess comedy takes longer to translate in the Poconos.
Ironically, WSBG's sister station, WVPO, carries Imus and has no plans to drop him. No such luck for Smith, who pissed away a 17-year career at the station and a lot of goodwill with that one remark.

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alyce said...

DJ's that were interviewed about Smith likened what he did to "suicide by cop". Things may have changed in the Pocono's, but it used to be an area where racism was rampant. The KKK is alive and have no qualms in wearing their white hooded robes to stand on street corners to pass out their hate literature. They even bring "junior" along wearing his child-sized matching outfit.

Keeping that in mind, who were the callers expected to be? People who wanted to see NASCAR races. Would a "black" fan want to say it on the air? Who would find it funny hearing "white" fans repeat the offensive phrase on the air.

I personally don't think it was that offensive. It was the sexist remarks that went along with the use of the phrase; using terminology from a Spike Lee movie, that made for humor gone wrong.