Friday, April 27, 2007

What We Learned From The New York Times Dining Section

Our usual Wednesday routine with The New York Times is to skip over to the Dining (In, Out) section to see who restaurant critic Frank Bruni savored or skewered.
This week's victim was Morandi, Keith McNally's seemingly ill-conceived attempt at an Italian bistro, which has gotten a rep for being more crowded than good. Sounds like it was lucky to have gotten one star.
But for those who ventured further in the section came this morsel:

---A short item on The Silver Palate, and its feuding founders included a revelation from veteran food writer Florence Fabricant that she coined the name "on the spur of the moment and without any monetary compensation." And what she doesn't tell you is that her "Bravo!" blurb appears among the raves for the 25th anniverary of The Silver Palate Cookbook. For which she presumably did not get any monetary compensation for either.

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