Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Missing Ingredient in New York Times Piece on Chef Wannabes Cooking Up Debt

Kim Severson Makes It To Front Page But Loses Steam After Jump

Maybe she was the victim of a space crunch, or maybe it was a case of writing something and expecting we'd take her word for it, but an interesting A-1 piece in today's New York Times by food writer Kim Severson about culinary-school grads who have big debt supplanting their big dreams, came up a little short.
Specifically, this passage:

Certainly, professional training can help cooks move up quickly through the kitchen ranks. And culinary schools have produced many of the nation’s finest chefs.
But some of those chefs equivocate about whether the high cost of some culinary degrees is worth it for someone who just wants to cook for a living.

Good point, but the subsequent quote is from the director of nutrition from the Berkeley School District. Not exactly Chez Panisse.
And no other chefs are heard from.
Which doesn't detract from the cautionary tale of the article. But it would be more helpful to get top chefs to weigh in on whether any of their deputies went to culinary school, and if the education you get is worth the five-figure nut left to digest upon graduation.
Grist for another story, Kim?

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