Thursday, June 14, 2007 Really Puts The Service Into Service Journalism

Violet Blue's Open Source Sex Column Source of Some Really Probing Journalism

Give, the web portal for the San Francisco Chronicle a lot of credit. It's anything but boring.
Case in point: The online column Open Source Sex from Violet Blue offers advice that, suffice to say, would not have been proffered by Ann Landers.
To wit, the column on how to safely fly with sex toys, which is one you won't see in too many papers outside San Francisco. Their loss.
A particularly helpful hint: check your fetishes at curbside along with your baggage.

"Remember that if they're confiscating toenail clippers and eyebrow tweezers, they're definitely not letting you bring the fuzzy handcuffs, tit clamps, leather flogger or unusually shaped vibrator on the plane."

Advice I'll be sure to take to heart next time I'm traveling without the kids.

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