Monday, July 23, 2007

Campbell Brown Departure Could Slide Natalie Morales Closer to Lester Holt

"Today" Everywoman Should Be Big Favorite to Become New "Weekend Today" Co-Host

Natalie Morales has spent a lot of time sitting in different chairs on "Today" without having enough time to get fully comfortable.

Campbell Brown's departure from "Weekend Today" to CNN should change that.

Morales has filled in for Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira, done time as a news reader for Ann Curry and now pops up a lot hosting in the fluffier 9 a.m. hour, when Vieira is not allowed to appear because of her "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" contract.

But Morales has shown herself to be about more than cooking and fashion segments, and has helped cover such stories as the tsunami, Katrina and the 2004 election.

That and the fact that she's dutifully done her time on the dawn patrol for The Peacock merits a shot next to Lester Holt for "Weekend Today."

Should be a no-brainer, but then again I said that about Brown replacing Couric on "Today." Because that didn't happen is why Brown will next be seen on CNN in November.

Still, I like her chances, with Amy Robach sliding over to take over Morales' duties during the week.

Longer shots: Dateline's Hoda Kotb and Darlene Rodriguez, morning anchor on WNBC-TV.


Anonymous said...

All indications are that Amy Robach will get the job and that is probably better for Natalie Morales. Have you looked at the track record for female coanchors of Weekend Today? It isn't very good. Also don't you think being on Today even if during the 9am hour and filling on the weekday version has more benefits than doing the weekend? If I was in charge, I would leave Natalie where she is but increase her air time and duties on Weekday Today and name Hoda Kotb the new anchor for Weekend Today. Amy Robach would stay where she is currently.

Anonymous said...

Leave Natalie on weekdays and give her more airtime. Big mistake when they didn't give Campbell Brown the Today Show job instead of Meredith. It was a nobrainer that Anne didn't get it. CBS should have hired Campbell from NBC before they made their tragic mistake by hiring Katie and if they don't give Natalie more of a job on air then CNN, ABC will come knocking for her. Hoda Kotb and Lester are a perfect match but then CBS, ABC or CNN may come knocking for him as he should have been given the nightly news.