Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just In Time for Heat Wave, New York Times Gives Readers The Big Chill

Sure, Features Are Supposed to Be Evergreen, But.....

It's standard practice for reporters, especially at larger newspapers, to write features that don't have any time element, which allows them to be used when needed --- say on a slow news day when you need to fill space.
Which means that some worthy stories can get lost in the shuffle or forgotten. Case in point today: The New York Times published on A4 a story about the legion of "replacement drivers" in Seoul, those who drive inebriated people and their cars home. Then they use public transportation or hitch a ride to get back to the city and start over again.
It was an intriguing slice of life from Choe Sang-Hun, who followed one Hur Rak as he worked a shift. Only thing: in the two photos that accompany the story, Hur and others are huddled wearing heavy jackets and hats.
A quick weather check reveals Seoul is enjoying summer temperatures in the mid-80s, so Choe's story has been on ice for quite a while. It's nice to be wanted -- even if it takes a while -- but you'd think the Times could have cranked this one out a few months ago.

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Caliboy said...

Hi there, I came across your post from a google search because when I read that NY Times article, I could've sworn I had read it before.

I had, a month ago, in the NY Times-owned International Herald Tribune.