Thursday, July 19, 2007

New York Times Economics Coverage Gets More Economical

Using "Change" As A Euphemism

Tucked into today's Business Day section of The New York Times is a note that there are "some changes" in the paper's economics coverage. Translation: there'll be less of it.
The Economic Scene column, a bastion on Thursdays, is now moving to Wednesday, where it'll be written by the always-interesting-to-read David Leonhardt (above) who penned the Economix column.
The rotating panel of columnists who were doing Economic Scene will write the already-existing Economic View column that appears in the Sunday business section.
So, if my math is correct, that means one less economics column in a paper that for decades, going back to Leonard Silk, has a long and impressive legacy in guiding economics coverage.
Then again, the paper itself is getting more economical. The Times will shrink to a now-industry-standard 12-inch width on Aug. 6, which will also trim the newshole by 5 percent, maybe more once you factor in the ads that are now being sold on some section fronts, including the business section.

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