Wednesday, January 16, 2008

John King Has An Email Hissy Fit

Proving Once and for All the Average High-Wattage Reporter Has An Even Thinner Skin Than Those He Covers

CNN's John King should know better. But Salon's Glen Greenwald was happy to show otherwise.
Greenwald wrote a few days ago about what he says was an overly fawning interview King did with John McCain.
King, to his discredit, registered his displeasure with Greenwald via email, which Greenwald didn't hesitate to publish.

I don't read biased uninformed drivel so I'm a little late to the game.
But a friend who understands how my business works and knows a little something about my 20 plus years in it sent me the link to your ramblings.
And it went downhill from there.
I'm not going to dive into the he said-he said contretemps here. Suffice to say, journalists, especially one as visible as King, shouldn't get so uppity all the time when they're criticized.
So many reporters are horrified if they're even remotely subjected to the same scrutiny as their subjects, as if what they do and how they do it is beyond reproach. Just look at all the no comments reporters on the media beat have to suffer through.
It also makes King look bad when he sends an email criticizing what he views as shoddy work that itself has typos and grammatical errors.
By doing that, King could find his glass house is in ruins right about now.

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