Monday, January 07, 2008

A Lawsuit That's Not About Nothing

Vegetable Plagiarists Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld Sued By "Nut Job" Cookbook Author Who's Not Crazy About Her Ideas Being Lifted

Missy Chase Lapine's got hand.
Lapine is a cookbook author who's suing Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld, the former for allegedly stealing her idea for a book on how to disguise nutritious foods; the latter for being the good hubby and publicly attacking Lapine.
Lapine might have avoided the litigation route and merely embarrassed Jessica Seinfeld publicly for coming out with a book that was a little too similar to one she'd put out. But what may have prompted a trip to court was comments from the Bee Movie Bad Boy.
Seinfeld was heard on Letterman (click to see clip) in October calling Lapine a "woodwork wacko," while denying his wife ever heard of Lapine.
"She accuses my wife and says 'you stole my mushed-up carrots' ... it's vegetable plagiarism." He kidded, sort of, that Lapine could be an assassin. Har, har.
Sounds like a recipe for lining the pockets of a few lawyers.

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