Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Accuweather, Schmackuweather

Doesn't Really Matter What The Forecast Is When Jim Kosek Gets On A Roll

As I sit here tonight in an Albuquerque hotel hearing how lousy the weather is back home in New York, I shuttle between weather.com and accuweather.com for any glimmer of hope that a winter monsoon won't wash any hope of landing tomorrow at LaGuardia, never a sure thing even when it's sunny out.

For its 90-second online video forecast, forecaster Jim Kosek can often be found doing the New York edition. Which means you can get shtick along with a cold front, as we did tonight.

"What ticks me off?" Kosek says. "What crawls up my backside?

Then he bellows, "WHAT GETS ME FIRED UP? Can't be just snow. Can't be just ice or flooding rain. It has to be a combination of everything." And he doesn't even have to deal with that mess. Kosek's tucked away at Accuweather HQ in State College, PA.

This is also the same guy on New Year's Day who pretended to be too hung over to do a real forecast, or at least assumed most of those watching were too blitzed to care about the weather. Which could very well have been the case.

Give Kosek credit for taking his job seriously if not himself. Now if he could just do something about the weather over LaGuardia....

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