Monday, February 18, 2008

Good Morning America Goes For The Lump In The Throat Without Pandering

Your Three Words Segment A Challenge For Viewers, But In a Good Way
Time to catch up with the "Your Three Words" segment on the Saturday edition of "Good Morning America" if you haven't already.
The concept is deceptively simple. Viewers send in videos of them holding up a sign with three words that sum up how they're feeling or what is most important in their lives. The montage is then set to some tender music like Wilco's "Sky Blue Sky" or "Drive Slow," from Tiki Lewis.
In so doing we have a woman whose head's wrapped in a kerchief proclaiming "I'm cancer free," or a picture of a child that says "Daddy's comin' home" from a military tour, followed by another one that says "Mama's goin' next."
Or, three one-word signs from a girl that say "Locks of Love," as her hair is cut. And then there was the simple "We miss you" that preceded an ultrasound of a fetus.
The segments make you smile. They provide lumps in the throat. And don't be surprised to find tears welling up.
It's the ultimate human-interest story. It's not conventional journalism, but it's not supposed to be. In this case, that's not a problem. It's what makes the segment great.
In the spirit of "Your Three Words," all I can tell you is Watch. This. Saturday.

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