Thursday, February 28, 2008

Too Old To Rock N' Roll In Kansas City

Dumped Jocks at Former Classic-Rock Station KYYS-FM Sue for Age Discrimination

Some radio stations nowadays change formats about as often as we change socks.
That's their business, even if such moves are often misguided and made in a panic. But usually left out of the equation is the impact on those who work at the station, especially the jocks.
Format changes usually lead to the unemployment line.
So when classic-rock station KYYS in Kansas City changed its moniker from KY-99.7 to a so-called "quality rock" format as 99.7 The Boulevard, out went the staff. Only thing: some of them didn't go quietly.
In fact, four of them, including Max Floyd, the morning show co-host who was still plugging along at 67, are suing Entercom, the station's owners, for age discrimination.
Now anyone who's worked in radio knows you could be tops in the ratings one month and be out on your ass the next. Civil-service jobs they ain't.
When formats change, stations often want a fresh start. It's also a way to cut payroll. Floyd's been in the market forever and no doubt pulls in a fair share of shekels.
But here's the rub. It appears the format change, in this case, was little more than broadening the playlist and including a few more artists. It's not like KYYS went from classic rock to classical.
When he was first dumped last month, Floyd told a local TV station: "I was here in '74. I've won an Emmy -- it's been a great ride. I hope I didn't stay too long at the dance."
Sounds like Floyd now thinks he still has a few moves left in him.

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