Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Being A Convicted Felon Means CNBC Doesn't Have To Spell Your Name Right

An Exclusive That's Not: Dennis Koslowski, er, Kozlowski To Tell All (Maybe) In "First Interview From Behind Prison Walls." That May Be News to "60 Minutes"

CNBC is patting itself on the back for landing a sit-down with the hubris-challenged Dennis Kozlowski at Mid-State Correctional Facility in upstate New York, where the former Tyco chief is doing 8 to 25 years for treating the company, as one prosecutor said, as his "personal piggy bank."
Tonight's interview with the man with the golden shower curtain is billed in an ad in The Wall Street Journal as his "first interview from behind prison walls."
Oh, really?
Actually, it's more like the first interview from behind prison walls since Morley Safer took the "60 Minutes" cameras to Kozlowski in a segment that aired nearly a year ago.
And while they were touting the second first interview, CNBC spelled Kozlowski's name in the ad wrong, making it "Koslowski."
Trying to find info on about the interview, which is part of the "American Greed" series, is maddening at best.
Wanna watch a video clip? Good luck. The ones on the site either don't load, provide any controls, or only play the audio. On top of that, much of the information on the web page for the Kozlowski piece is actually devoted to another story.
In other words, a real mess. Hopefully, the story, reported by Bertha Coombs, is markedly better. Just remember, though, this isn't the first time you heard it.

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