Tuesday, April 08, 2008

For Its Editorial Cartooning Prize, Pulitzer Board Gets It Right (Wing)

The most remarkable part about Michael Ramirez, the editorial cartoonist for Investors Business Daily winning the Pulitzer Prize was not that he won -- he had already done that once before in 1994 while at the Memphis Commercial-Appeal -- was finding out that IBD actually has an editorial cartoonist.
That's actually just his homebase -- Ramirez is syndicated by Copley News Service in 450 newspapers who lop up his rather right-wing perspective. You may not agree with his world view, but they do make you stop and look, not to mention react.
Of course, that's what an editorial cartoon is supposed to do, but doing it consistently and fearlessly is another matter.
Ramirez is hardly an equal opportunity offender, a relief, no doubt, to the denizens of the White House. But even blue-state types will read him. They'll get angry, but they'll read him.
It's not easy nowadays trying to get people to swallow the GOP's glass-is-half-full dogma. Most of the time, Ramirez succeeds with an indelible mix of sugar and bile.

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