Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MSNBC Take-Out On Unfriendly Skies Gives Back-Handed Props to CNN

Report on Pilots Flying Low on Fuel -- by Airlines' Alleged Design Scary Stuff

After spending a good chunk of the morning flying, it was grim enough reading today about how United wants to bump its domestic fuel surcharge another $20, which would mean that $70 of every round-trip ticket would go toward underwriting the airline's bill at the pump. So far, other airlines haven't matched it, but you know they'll try.
But the scariest airline item found online today was MSNBC's excellent piece on claims too many pilots are making that they are being pressured into flying with low fuel.
The allegations are at once fascinating and disturbing. But also telling was how the piece ended, quoting from a report by an airline first officer:

“I am absolutely confident that if this is the way this company is going to play the game we will soon be on ‘CNN,’ and not in a good way.”

Let's hope MSNBC would also be covering that story. More importantly, let's hope it never has to.

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