Friday, May 30, 2008

Barack Obama Elected President --- In Europe

Daily Telegraph Poll Finds McCain Tarred By Bush Brush Although Most Polled Don't Think Much About the U.S. Regardless of Who's In Charge.

Alas, they can't come to the polls here in November, so Europeans have to settle for opinion polls to voice their sentiments about who should be the next president.
Barack Obama, to little surprise because of his opposition to the Iraq war, comes out well on top, with 52 percent, in a poll conducted by the Daily Telegraph in Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Russia.
Conversely, just 15 percent would pull the lever for John McCain, who's viewed as nothing more than a Bush clone by many. That's well behind "neither man" or "don't know" in some of the countries polled.
In other words, more of the same for the nation many of those interviewed view as a "force of evil."
If McCain gets elected, it'll be interesting to see whether those nations' leaders feel much the same.

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