Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hockey Star Nearly Loses Spleen, Daily News Loses Credibility

You Can Hear Sean Avery Yelling, "I'm Not Dead Yet!"

Sounds like New York Rangers star/pest Sean Avery is on a slow road to recovery, after suffering a lacerated spleen during Tuesday night's playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. The good news is Avery's supposed to make a full recovery in time for next season.

So says The Daily News in today's paper. What the News doesn't say, and doesn't correct in the piece, is that while it's trumpeting it was the first paper with the story -- it also reported Avery had been in cardiac arrest. Not true, as it turns out.

Avery actually rode in a car with a team doctor to a Manhattan hospital after the game, and his life was never in danger.

That's a bit different from cardiac arrest. That the News made that mistake and didn't own up to it --instead letting an online commenter after the latest Avery story take them to task -- is strictly bush league.

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