Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Orange County Register Embarrassed By Its Outsourcing to India

Sending Some of Its Copy Editing Overseas Apparently Too Much for City Desk to Bear

Like many of its California cousins, The Orange County Register is rapidly becoming a shell of its former self.
Latest evidence on exhibit for your disapproval is word that it'll outsource some copy editing and design work to an Indian firm for a community newspaper owned by the Register as well as for the flagship paper.
It's said to be a month-long trial run. But you know management would desperately love for it to become a permanent gig, ostensibly so they can expand the program pronto.
And at a paper that's had three rounds of layoffs this year alone, calling the outsourcing an experiment is hardly cause for comfort.
Maybe the newsroom has been decimated. Maybe the sense of irony was too overwhelming. Either way, the Register posted an AP story on its Web site, rather than commission a staff-written piece.
That alone tells you a lot more than you need to know.

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