Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Bluths Will Visit The Multiplex: "Arrested Development" Movie Gets Green Light

Never-Nudes, Analrapists and Bob Loblaw Rejoice!

Arrested Development is easily the funniest show most of you never saw, which is a big reason why it's no longer on the air.
To call its cult following rabid would be a vast understatement, and was likely the reason "AD" even managed to last two-and-a-half season despite Fox programmers doing everything they could to ensure no one would watch (the last four episodes dumped to go up against the opening of the 2006 Winter Olympics? C'mon).
But now George Bluth himself, Jeffrey Tambor, has confirmed there will be a movie version of "AD." No date as to when, given that they don't have a script or shooting date yet. But hey, it does have a Facebook page!
Others from the show have mentioned a desire to do a movie, or that one has been talked about, but this is the closest confirmation yet that a movie is in the works, however preliminarily that may be the case.
Now, you could ask why anyone would make a movie based on a program that was down to about 4 million viewers when it met its untimely demise. A good answer can come by getting the series DVDs, or merely reading a synopsis of the episodes, like the classic "Afternoon Delight," on Wikipedia.
After you're done pissing your pants you should have a pretty good answer.

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