Thursday, July 03, 2008

Maybe Steve Doocy Could Use a Makeover

Attacking Media Enemies With a Photoshop Hatchet Job Just Another Day at the Office at Cretinuous Fox & Friends

Yellow teeth. Yellow journalism.
Fox & Friends was more than its usual odious self yesterday, when, as Media Matters exposed, it digitally altered the photos of two New York Times journalists as part of a comment about a June 28 pTimes piece about the precarious state of Fox News Channel's ratings.
Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade were all in a lather about the Jacques Steinberg article, which they say was ordered up by his editor Steven Reddicliffe, who once worked for News Corp. as editor of TV Guide and left acrimoniously.

Hence, Doocy says, a continual axe to grind against FNC.
"So, he essentially is his attack dog. His -- his poodle, if you will," whined Doocy, as they showed a photo of Steinberg's face on top of a poodle's body, with Reddicliffe's face superimposed on a man holding a leash.
But we first see larger versions of those photos, complete with yellow teeth, protruding ears and dark circles under the eyes. The actual photos have none of those.
OK, it's Fox & Friends, so maybe having fun with Photoshop and toying with the truth is both understandable and hardly surprising. But at least the idiocy that regularly emerges as discourse on that program should at least be based on some semblance of reality.
Too often, Fox has proven that's too much to ask.

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